Watch second hand off repair tips

Watches are a common status symbol and time tool in our daily lives. However, for reasons such as prolonged wear and improper use, watches can develop various problems, one of which is the second hand coming off. When a watch second hand comes off, it needs to be repaired promptly, otherwise it can have an impact on the overall operation of the watch and may even render it unusable. Below, we will briefly introduce the causes of a watch second hand falling off and tips on how to repair it.

  Reasons why the second hand of a watch falls off

  1. Drop or impact: If the watch is dropped from a high place or receives a strong impact, it may cause the second hand to fall off.

  2. Excessive use time: If the watch is used for too long, the internal parts of the movement will gradually wear out, thus causing the second hand to fall off.

  3. Incorrect wearing style: If the watch is worn improperly, for example, if the watch is fastened to items such as jackets and bags for a long time, it may also cause the second hand to fall off.

  Repair techniques for watches with second hand off

  1. Find the second hand: When the second hand of your watch falls off, you will first need to find the second hand that has fallen off. Usually, the second hand may have fallen inside the dial or elsewhere and needs to be searched carefully.

  2. Confirm the size of the second hand: While searching for the second hand, you also need to confirm its size. As different watches use different sizes of second hand, it is important to find the correct size.

  3. Place the second hand: After confirming the size of the second hand, you need to place it back in the correct position on the watch. Usually, the second hand has a small projection to secure it to the pulley shaft.

  4. Adjusting the time: After completing the installation of the second hand, the watch needs to be adjusted to the correct time. Normally, the watch's time adjustment button is located on the side of the crown.

  5. Regular maintenance: In addition to avoiding shocks and wearing the watch correctly, regular maintenance of the watch is essential to avoid the second hand coming off. It is recommended that watch maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication and readjustment, be carried out every 12-18 months.

  A dislodged watch second hand can have an impact on the proper functioning of a watch, but this problem can often be fixed with a simple repair. If you are experiencing this problem, try the repair tips above. However, if you don't want to do it yourself, or if there are other problems with your watch, it is best to take it to a professional watch repair facility for servicing and maintenance.