Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Collecting Watches

When you're just starting your watch collection, you may be prone to some common mistakes. I'm going to provide some simple practical tips to make it easier to avoid the mistakes you make when collecting your watch.

Mistakes to Avoid When Collecting Watches

  • #1 Blindly following the trend

Don't buy a watch just because someone else has it, or because you saw a great photo of it on Instagram. Of course, being influenced by others, collecting friends, or people in the watch world is not a bad thing. Just make sure you buy a watch because you want it, not because someone tells you to. If they want to own that watch, they should buy it themselves. Buy the watch you love, whether it's a brand you've never heard of or a Rolex, just because you're the one who needs to wear it and enjoy it. There's a world beyond Instagram, so be sure to buy a watch for yourself for the right reasons and you'll be delighted. I promise.

Mistakes to Avoid When Collecting Watches

  • #2 Buying too many watches in a hurry

If you're just starting to collect watches, this is an easy mistake to make. I know you're passionate and have money in your pocket, you might buy a watch because of an interesting movement, a nice dial color, a watch brand story, etc., and then, before you know it, you'll have a watch full of watch box. However, a collection without a theme tends to make you regret it. So, before you buy a watch, think about what you're really interested in. When you're trying on a watch in a watch boutique and want to buy it, don't rush into impulse purchases. My suggestion is to wait two days and see if you still like it. If you still like it, you can start at this time.

Mistakes to Avoid When Collecting Watches

Many people tend to overlook this watch detail. The soul of a watch is not in the movement. You can buy watches with mechanical or quartz movements. What is the difference between the two? It's most visible on second hand. Quartz watches have a tick-seconds movement that moves once per second, while mechanical watches use a constant sweeping movement. Mechanical is further divided into two categories: manual (requires you to wind by hand) and automatic (requires wrist movement to wind).
I love automatic and manual watches. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider a quartz watch. They are still a classic choice. The gentle, steady ticking of the second hand is amazing...a reminder that every second is precious. Willing to try both types of movements for your watch.

Mistakes to Avoid When Collecting Watches

  • #4 Irrespective of the type of strap
I believe it's a good idea to try a strap after buying your first watch. Different straps can make the entire watch appear heavier or lighter. It can add more style. Common strap types are:
Leather – thins the watch and gives it a more vintage look; the color should be similar to your belt and shoes. Leather is also the most formal choice of strap material.
Stainless steel - steel watches give people a sense of maturity and stability, more temperament, more convenient maintenance, strong and durable.
Rubber - Not as stylish as leather/metal, the material is light and strong and has superior abrasion and water resistance properties than leather, ideal for active men who wear sports watches.
Flip - Flip brown strap is extremely soft and has a vintage look.
  • #5 Underrated Niche and Lesser Known Watch Brands

Assuming you're new to watches, you probably don't know the Addiesdive brand either. Using Japanese NH series mechanical movement. Yes, the price is lower than the average Swiss watch, but the quality is on par with some of the major Swiss brands.
Have you ever seen an ad for a major watch brand? With perfect lighting, how they zoom in and show the watch from different angles. Then they had athletes and celebrities wear them on screen. It's easy to see why so many watch buyers pay attention to big names that have the budget to run this type of advertising. But you don't have to. Fashion men aren't just based on their brand, that's secondary. They know they can get a similar watch from a smaller company, like Addiesdive, and what matters is great design and quality.Can you imagine owning a high-quality, chic watch for just $100? Those watches exist!

Finally, a watch is an accessory. Whether it's your first watch or your tenth watch, choose carefully. Make sure you wear your watch regularly and confidently. Stay humble and true to yourself. Don't let the watch be on you. In addition to these mistakes listed above, what are the mistakes of starting a watch? Let us know in the comments below.