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ADDIESDIVE 3D Deep Sea Turtle Dial Dive Watch(AD2045)
  • $159.99
  • $119.00


ADDIESDIVE 41mm Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph Watch VK64(AD2034)
  • $139.99
  • $89.00


ADDIESDIVE 36mm Quartz Watch VH31 Movement (AD2030)
  • $139.99
  • $69.00


ADDIESDIVE® Captain Willard Automatic Dive Watch 200M( MY-H8)
  • $169.99
  • From $95.00


ADDIESDIVE Retro Mechanical Men Watch AD2118
  • $159.99
  • $109.99


ADDIESDIVE 36mm Quartz Watch VH31 Movement AD2023-1
  • $139.99
  • From $85.00

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ADDIESDIVE Professional Diving Watches Manufacturer

Inspired by the inventions of Jacques Cousteau, ADDIESDIVE, a professional watchmaking manufucturer, developed a series diving watches, from diver's 200M to 1000M. Japan NH35A automatic movement, synthetic sapphire crystal, excellent luminous, unidirectional rotatable ceramic bezel, screw-in crown, premium anti-corrosionall 316L stainless steel, low price, all of these features help ADDIESDIVE gain the full recognition by the mass customers around the world.

ADDIESDIVE logo deep sea spirit icon is composed of two spearguns and a pair of diving goggles. With the hunting and destruction of marine creatures by human, many marine creatures are endangered or even extinct. Two crossed spearguns represent protesting against hunting in the deep sea. We should protect marine ecosystem.

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